Lisbon – The Corpo Santo Hotel

What do I look for in a hotel? For my trips, there are two main deciding factors: location, and quality. If you’re looking to spend a weekend in Lisbon, The Corpo Santo hotel (5 stars) fulfills both of these requirements. The hotel is located in the historic center of Lisbon, so you won’t need to worry about taking public transportation for many places you’ll want to visit as it is a short walk away from many sites.

The property has 77 rooms and each floor has a different theme that highlights Portuguese history. My room was located on the 5th floor and which was a gorgeous suite! My window overlooked the River Tagus which was perfect during sunset.

The bathroom, like the rest of the hotel, was brand new and even had a music/light theme in the shower. The shampoo was amazing! This might seem like a small detail but the shampoo at hotels is usually quite terrible and dries out my hair. The brand they carry at the Corpo Santo was awesome and I even took the other two bottles with me (no shame!) The room was fully stocked with complimentary water, Port wine, and tons of snacks.

Most of my time in Lisbon was spent exploring the city, and I usually left the room around 6:30-7am and didn’t return until after lunchtime for a short break. By the time it was 8pm, I was so exhausted that I decided to eat at the hotel restaurant (The Porter Restaurant). I don’t usually eat at hotel restaurants if it is my first time in the city as I prefer to try a local spot, but the Porter was great! The restaurant staff provides amazing service and the steak was great. I also tried codfish and the asparagus creme appetizer. I ordered a glass of Portuguese wine and a bottle of water. The price of the restaurant was much lower than I expected, especially considering the quality of the food.

The Corpo Santo hotel is also equipped with a small gym which is great for travellers who don’t want to miss a workout (like me!) and the breakfast is served at 6:30am which is great if you want to work out at the gym and then have breakfast.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Corpo Santo if you are looking for an upscale hotel and a very reasonable price.

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