Lesser Known Liguria

Liguria is a coastal region in North Western Italy. Tourists tend to flock to the Cinque Terre as its the most popular destination for foreign visitors in the area. However, there are many beautiful towns located on the coast that aren’t as well known but are equally as beautiful. If you prefer a less crowded Italian holiday, make sure to check out these places:

1. Sestri Levante

56km away from Genoa, Sestri Levante is a well known tourist spot for Italians during the summer. The town is full of great restaurants and bars to enjoy a dinner after a day at the beach. My favourite spot is the Bay of Silence (Baia del Silenzio) pictured below.

2. Rapallo

It is located on the coast nearby the famous Portofino. It has a castle on the sea that was built in 1551 to protect the city against pirate attacks. You can watch the sunset behind the castle outside one of the cafes that surround the main boardwalk around the beach, and you can do so without bumping into tour groups and backpackers!

3. Chiavari

A small town of only 28,000 inhabitants. In fact, I spent last summer here and was probably the only person from an English speaking country. If there are others, I haven’t found them yet! This is a great option for someone who wants a local and genuine small town experience. The beach doesn’t get as crowded as nearby towns in summer and you can have a great dinner in the historic centre of the town.

4. Camogli

Out of the three towns mentioned above, Camogli is probably the one that receives the most foreign visitors and it is also the one with the best sunsets. Camogli, shortened from case delle mogli (“house of wives”), got its name from the women who watched over the town while their fishermen husbands were away.

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Sunset in Camogli.

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5. San Fruttuoso

This place is a postcard. It is accessible by ferry in the spring and summer from Camogli. If you walk to the port in Camogli you will see the schedule and stops to San Fruttuoso. It has a tiny beach and an abbey where you can have a swim or a coffee in the only bar that is located on this tiny piece of land.

6. Boccadasse

A neighbourhood in the city of Genoa, located on the eastern side of Corso Italia. It does get quite crowded in the summer as its located in the Ligurian capital, but if you head to Boccadasse in the early morning or late evening, you can still beat the crowds and enjoy this scenic spot.

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