How to Make $1,000 Blogging in 2019

If you’ve thought about starting your own blog this year but keep talking yourself out of it, keep reading! Although you may have heard comments like “blogging is saturated” or “it is too late to start a blog” that is NOT true! Blogging is still a lucrative profession and you can make an income even if you start your blog now. Follow this 5 step guide to monetizing your blog in 2019!

1.   Find a reliable Web Host

The first and one of the most important things to consider when starting a blog is your web hosting service. If you are beginner you want an easy set up, a hosting service that integrates well with WordPress and attentive customer service (in case you face some technical issues). My number one recommendation for price and quality is BlueHost. Not only are they recommended by WordPress but they have 24/7 customer service support and very affordable plans starting at less than $5 a month!


2.  Use your skills

If you write about your passion and skills, you will build a loyal audience! The main difference between a successful blog and an average blog is the answer to this question: How can you provide value to people who visit your website? What tips, lessons, or service can you offer? Whether it’s a writing course, travel guides, photography tips or restaurant reviews, visitors will keep coming back if you are able to give them something they can’t find anywhere else. Another tip: think locally! You don’t need to travel the world to write about the best places to eat. You can offer a city food guide and become a local guru/ go-to website for people in your town.


3.  Write sponsored content

Brands and companies are always on the look out for qualified writers and reviewers. If your blog is about organic skincare, you can contact companies about writing a sponsored blog post and review of their products. Depending on the size of your audience and expertise, you can negotiate anywhere from $100-1000+ per article!


4. Offer free resources

A great way to give your audience a sample of your services before committing to a course, coaching session or service is to offer a glimpse of what you have to offer. If you are an English language teacher looking for students, try a 30 min trial lesson offer on your blog where the potential student can write to you about their concerns before embarking on a full-time commitment. If you are selling a photography course, offer a 3 page downloadable PDF containing some of your beginners photography tips. If you can build trust and establish a relationship with your readers, you will be more likely to convert them into potential customers.


5. Affiliate marketing

The common misconception about blogging is that you need thousands of daily page views in order to make an income. This is completely FALSE. There are great affiliate programs that offer high commission rates on every sale you make. I highly suggest starting with which is very diverse and can work with different blog niches.













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