Flying with Air Italy’s Business Class

Air Italy is a privately owned Italian airline owned by Alisarda (51%) and Qatar Airways (49%) with its main hub in  Milano Malpensa Airport. When I saw that that Air Italy recently started a direct route to and from Toronto (YYZ) I decided to try it out.

The Prices

Air Italy’s price range is much lower than competitors who fly a similar route. The airline offers various economy fares (light, flexi) and business class. The light fares are non-refundable and non-changeable but are extremely competitive (150 euros per flight direct to Toronto). The business class is also quite competitive price wise (1200-1500 euros roundtrip)

The Lounge

The Premier Lounge in Toronto Pearson Airport was a nice option to have before the flight. You can relax, have a shower and eat before boarding the flight. I would have liked to see some more dinner options but overall the services were good.

The Cabin

(Airbus A330) Upon entering the aircraft I sat down in my window seat in row 3. The crew were extremely attentive towards travellers. The cabin itself is spacious, clean, and has fully lie-in flat beds which are great for overnight flights.


The care package provided by the airline includes chapstick, moisturizer, ear plugs, toothbrush and toothpaste, eye mask, socks and pyjamas (however the pyjamas were unavailable on my flight)


The Food

Immediately after take off, the flight attendants come around to take your order for a welcome drink (Spritz, wine, champagne) and to take your order for the main meal. I usually don’t eat plane food so I was quite hesitant but I thought I’d give it a try. The welcome drink was great and I was pleasantly surprised with the main meal (slow cooked duck and vegetables and mozzarella wrapped in proscuitto). I opted for a light dessert (seasonal fruit)




The in-flight entertainment was a bit lacking from a personal perspective. I am not much of a fan of watching films on flights however. You can check the full list of entertainment in economy and business here.

The wifi availability was great and the connection was stable throughout the flight. The pricing plans are a bit pricy (21 euros for 180 mb which is used quite quickly). I would suggest the airline implement a 500mb or 1g unlimited option for business travellers looking to do consistent work throughout the flight. During the flight I was constantly required to recharge each time my data plan ran out.


I had a great nap on the 8 hour flight (for about 4-5 hours). The lie in seat was very comfortable and the pillows and blankets provided were much better than competitor airlines I have tried on the same route. 



I would highly recommend Air Italy for travellers looking for a reasonably priced option with good service. Summer prices in business class with Air Italy range around (1,607 Euros roundtrip in comparison to 3,334 Euros roundtrip with competitor airlines.


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